Prayer for miracle of restoring our relationship and for him to overcome his drug addiction

Dear Lord, I pray that my ex-boyfriend and I will overcome the trials we have faced these past few months due to his drug addiction. I pray for opportunities for us to restore our relationship, be supportive of one another, and rebuild our love and friendship again. I pray that he can overcome his drug addiction, and that he may get to know You better as he receives treatment. I pray that he can have a change of heart, and he can be the man that we know he can be.

Thank you, Lord. I come to you each day as I suffer emotionally from the uncertainty with all this, but not once have I ever doubted you. I know there were times where my emotions have gotten ahead of me and it seems as if I have lost faith. But I never have God, not in you. I know I’m not perfect, and I do acknowledge my own sins, but God, I need you now in my life. Amen