Prayer for Miracle needed Now

by Sabrina (Reno)

I am desperate. I have done everything within my power to turn my life around. I pray unceasingly, I repent my sins and ask forgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ, I believe in Heavenly Father’s promise and word, and I wait in faith. I have done all these things for so very very long and no help has come to me. I am tired, angry and discouraged. I need a miracle to hang onto my faith and keep going. I do not have to understand Yahweh’s purpose. I just need to see Yahweh’s results. It only takes a thought from Yahweh to produce a miracle that I daily beg him for. Only a thought, Yahweh. Please turn your face towards me, Yahweh and bless me today with the miracle I ask you for in the name of Jesus Christ. I thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. I give you praise, honor and glory now and forever. Halleluiah and Alleluiah.