Prayer for miracle n justice for my son sick

by Daphnee (Boston Ma)

Fathergod i ask u to watch over my son cause jessica kept hunting my child she keep doing voodoo on him. make her stop cause lately im having a bad time with my son he never been that way he act funny he dont want to eat n his behavior hes really bad i really dont know what to do anymore with him hes one years old please fathergod make her stop have her to stay away from my son

i know i have to deal with it cause im living in a shelther here but its breaking my heart as a mother seing my son like that my son used to do good as soon she move in everything fell apart for me he wont sleep like he used hes completely different help me st jude

i need r help i need u. to pray for my one year old pray for me to have a home soon. im not happy with my life cause i have so much going on already n jessica wont leave my baby alone i dont know why pray for her shes a witch shes a devil.

shes heartless im wondering why shes after this child shes trying so hard to take my babys happiness away n hes soul pray for that devil woman thats living in the shelther with me help me i need u now please help me im in big trouble with my son also pray for ashley. n samatha n jojo.
n tacey. n ivy n gail n greg n louise n kim n nilda n vilma n. jessania. n sally n latricia they all in the shelther they dont like me at all. they keep putting false acusation on me for me to lose my kid pray for them help them give them something to do with their life they all my haters n my enemies. i dont know what i do to them.

i need justice n miracle for my son st jude help me fathergod pray for me to get the house the end of this month or the year im tired of the way im living. i have no peace n quiet people hate me for no reason. i got more enemies than real friends pray for the fake friends to thats around me n the stranger n the devil n the demon.

thats bothering my life n the baby i want them to leave us alone specially jessica give her something to do with her life cause she wont stop make her stop fathergod i really need r help im afraid to leave the kid around cause shes always around bogging my child shes very evil pray for her to stay far away from my son st jude pray for my life to get better.

n find a good person in my life that will stay. forever pray for me in jesus name i pray amen

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