Prayer for Michelle

by Carmen (Manati, Puerto Rico)

Lord I ask that you be a guiding light by her side at the hospita. That you watch over all the cancer treatments she is getting and allow for all the medicine to kill the cancer she has in her body. I ask this with the faith that you have already healed her. Keep her spirits high and allow her to feel no pain. Allow her family to be able to accept you will in this situation.

May the doctors and nurses be blessed as they care for Michelle. I ask prayers for the other children in this hospital that may be going through the same treatments. Heal her completely that she may lead a fruitful life and a believing heart for you Jesus. Amen.

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  1. Prayer for Michelle

    Dear God,

    Please heal Michelle from cancer. Please bless her and surround her with your light. Please stay by her side as she undergoes her treatments, take away her pain and fill her with your peace and love.

    Please also help her family and friends during this difficult time. Give them courage, patience, faith, and trust in your will. Help them to support her and lift them up with your strength.

    Please guide the medical staff who are caring for her. Help them to give her the best possible care and support so that she may heal quickly.

    I also pray for anyone else suffering from cancer or any other illness or painful condition. Please give them courage and faith to help them overcome their challenges. Fill them with hope and the knowledge that the trials we experience in this life are only temporary. One day we will return home to you and be filled with only love.

    Thank you, Lord, for listening to my prayer. In love and gratitude, I humbly ask for your help. Amen.

  2. more prayers for Michelle

    I have said a prayer for Michelle’s recovery as well. I pray that he embraces her and takes all pain and cancer away. I pray she lives a long and happy life with the wonderful family she clearly has. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  3. Hope for Michelle.

    I hope that God will be with you at this most difficut time, and that Michelle will be healed of all her cancer. May God hear your prayers.

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