Prayer for mercy

by Rookmini (Ny Queens)

My dear lord please forgive me for not acknowledging you sometimes .Please forgive me for being mentally tired to beg for your mercy .Please forgive me for not remaining calm in situations where I should have maintained a lot more control my lord please help me in my sorrow for I am scared to be alive I am scared to face people for I have lost my confidence dear father .please remind me somhow to forgive people when am wrounged when am hurt when I receive criticism even when I am trying to be good there father .please have mercy on my life for I am not a bad person dear father please for give me with all the strength with all the sorrow .with all the anger .with all the lust..With all the lack of self control I have at times.

Please father please forgive me please enlighten my heart so I can have the knowledge to enlighten someone else in need also, from my heart from the heart of my mother an father please have mercy on me