Prayer for mercy in my life

by A Burning Heart (India)

Dear st.jude,

Only 38 days left for his marriage. My love he rejected me and marrying another girl. i cant bear this. It is paining me a lot. i know im a fool. but i cant hate him. still i love him and wish to marry him. but nothing will happen. all my hope is gone. i have become a living dead body now. an helpless girl. no hopes, no dreams , nothing…….what should i do my Lord? will anything good happen in my life?

still im hoping that Lord will unite me and my love and and the Almighty will bless us to get married……..dont know what will happen in my life….painful and heartbreaking days ahead……please help me, please save me, please hear my cry and fulfill my wish my Lord….please give me a life…..please show mercy upon me my Lord….

Praise the Lord

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