Prayer for Mercy for my Family

by Stephnie (Christiana, Jamaica)

Lord god I come before you once again broken hearted by words that has been said about me, dear God who sees and knows everything, I beg you to give me the strength to be strong, not to fight against my evil doers but to open my heart and feel nothing but pity for them for I believe dear God they know not what they doeth with their wicked evil tongues, they open their mouth and fire their lies towards me, Lord God let this pass over give me the honour, the pride, the love, the guidance and the strength to forgive them and their deceitful ways, Lord I have done them no wrongs but their evil tongues wag against me without cause.

Dear God I am here, I know you see the tears that flows from my eyes, they are not tears of joy but tears of hurt and pain, not by beating but my words, have mercy on my family dear God as they no not what they have done, dear Lord I beg you to open the door and show them the light of what they have done, the pain they have caused me, the hurt that I am feeling, the sword that pierced my heart just like the words they utter against me, dear Lord have mercy on them, bless them dear Lord and guide them as they need your presence in their lives. In Jesus Christ our saviour mother Mary hold me hand and never let go. AMEN

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