Prayer for Mercy and Compassion

by Anthony ()

A Prayers for my eldest son Mark Anthony
Dear Lord Jesus, son of the father, can you please send your spirit over our home and let the Holy Spirit live in our heart, mind, body, spirit and soul so we can follow your words and we can achieve all of goals especially in the case my son Mark. my son need guidance, courage, intelligence, knowledge and wisdom for him to conquer his fear and for what ever that bothers him whole life. We are grateful for helping my son passed the board examination and for completing all of his requirements. please pray for Mark sick body, like of his immaturity, for being premature for his arrogance, for being childish, for being irresponsible eldest brother to his three siblings, for being lazy, for being too much independent, for being easy go lucky, for being hard headed, for being addict in the online game and for having vices like smoking and drinking liquor.

Lord God, We don’t know how to deal for Mark behavior and for his attitude.

Lord I offer to you Mark’s suffering, sorrows and pain. and I surrender to you all the burdens of my son.

And please, pray for him and guide as he was about to apply for a job as a teacher, and we pray that God almighty would help Mark to land for a job so he may have a chance to earn good and have a good future as he was already 35 years old.

Please pray for my son sins, negligence and transgressions of his old life pray also for all the souls, sins, negligence and transgressions of our great ancestors and departed loved ones previous lives and take away all the curses that we have been through whole life. please get rid of these curses and give us a chance to live in peace.

All of these, in the powerful name of Jesus, Amen.

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