Prayer for Mental Peace and Strength

by Maria (Hyderabad, AP, India)

My friend is suffering from Depression. He had a broken marriage and now has filed for divorce. He is not come out of it. He is feeling lonely. Worried that he might do something adverse to his life. He needs strength, comfort, love, affection care concern.

Lord uplift him from all the metal worries he is facing. Send the guardian Angel to protect him. Bind him with you precious blood oh Lord. Heal him, cleanse him. Hope he gets up tomorrow with a better hope and happiness and a bright tomorrow.

Be with him Lord throughout his difficulties, struggles, hurdles. Lonliness haunts him. He fells dejected, Come what may, he needs to understand I am always with him at his time of difficulties and he can rely on me. I can take care of him, if he and his family accepts me,

Lord nothing is hidden from you, We are you children and you know what to give us.

Thank you Lord.
Praise you Lord.


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