Prayer for Mental Imbalance and Depression

by Yogesh (India)

Dear Jesus,

From the past 14 years I am suffering from mental imbalance & depression. In this period I watched a lot of porn, I became selfish, I misguided people, I have hurt a lot of people made them also bad like me. I lived in illusions & delusion. Now I feel sorry for what I have done, regret for hurting so many people & misguiding them. Now I am totally confused & dont know what to do in life. I am not able to talk to people normally. I was not able to make friend through out my life. I feel I have so much of pain in my head. Some times I feel to end my life. I dont do anything whole day. I dont have interest in anything. If things will not improve I will commit suicide very soon. Plz pray for me. Plz help me God.

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