Prayer for me to pass my Accounting and Marketing Exams


I will be having my accounting exam in two days. I am not too confident because i took it as an online class but I am doing my best to go through everything carefully, I really hope I will pass it with a decent to higher grade at least c+ so i can maintain my GPA.

As well as my marketing exam which will be on the day after my accounting exam. Please help me dear God.

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  1. Praying with you!

    Father God, You are the Teacher. Please be with this person, sit alongside him/her as they take their exam. Grant them clarity of mind, strength of spirit and resolve to try their best as you guide them through the exam. Open their heart to receive Your Spirit. In Jesus’ name. Amen.!

    Best wishes to you for your exam!

  2. CPA

    I am a CPA when you walk in the door for the exam
    Look up tell Jesus you are putting your concerns
    On his shoulder and then do it
    Take the exam and he will be with you
    Have confidence in your preparation and
    In Jesus

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