Prayer for me to overcome hopelessness and depression. Prayer for my ailing heart and body

by Tere ()

Dear God, i know that you are my healer and my savior. I truly know that deep in my heart that you will not forsake me. There are times that i fall short for me to deserve your mercy. Please, make me whole again. Make me not question things that are happening and beyond my understanding. Make me learn again to hold onto You God and Your promise that i will be fine.

My negativity and depression is taking a toll on my body. Help me battle this so i can still do my responsibilities as a mother. Make me know You better, God. I want to love You and have an intimate relationship with You. Bless those who are in need of help. Make them realize that there is more to life than reaching for something superficial and transient. Make them love and glorify You God. Amen

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