Prayer for me to keep my social security income

by Sandi Moreland (Morganton, Georgia, USA)

Praise be to GOD always

please pray that Sandi can keep her social security income and insurance.

My husband is out of work an due to him drawing unemployment, social security may take my disability income. I will have no way to live financially or get insurance.

Please pray GOD will allow me to keep it. I have severe disability and in need of my social security. please I am asking with all my heart for protection from GOD over this.

Please pray my husband will get his social security. he is disabled also. We just want to live daily for GOD and make it through. I thank you for taking the time to pray this special prayer. Please pray for all people. Times have hit so hard. All I can do is keep praying an trust in GOD.

Thank you for taking special time to pray for our desperate needs.

Sandi/ A Prophetess 4 JESUS always