Prayer for Me to Get Out of Debt and My Fibromealgeya Pain Muscle Illness

by Joey (South Africa)

Please pray that the Lord will heal my muscle illness and my depression and anxiety disorder. Please pray that the lord will help us to get out off our financial debt. Because off all my doctors appointments and my expensive medicine.

Our medical aid is expensive and some off my muscle illness medication is expensive and the medical aid does not cover that expensive medication. I owe the pharmacies money and the dentist and the doctors. I can not work with my disease if I stress my illness and stress and symptoms get worse.

We struggle on my husbands income. It is not enough to pay for all the bills. Sometimes we fight. I have a very good husband but if we fight he becomes abusive sometimes and abusive words. He is a good father. It is just the stress. Please pray for us. Thank you. God bless you all.

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