Prayer For me to find my new great paying job

by Veronica (San Jose, CA)

I am in your hands God for you so can lead me to that perfect place which you have reserved for me to continue my career experience and grow. Allow me to find that place in a blissful short time so I can continue to earn a much greater income allowing me fully provide for my loving son.

Allow me to bring the goods my earth experience requires and help me to generously contribute with all my talents and blessings to my new employers who will blessed with a hefty income. Bless me Father so I continue to manifest my growing under your divine Spirit as I carry on being of service of my human brothers, a professional woman, a mother and a contributor to the betterment of my community.

Bless me so I have the ability to lead with justice if you place me in a management position and help me to be humble so I can also be lead by those in management. Thank you father for you have always provided for me and you will continue to do so.

I am fully in your hands father and thank you for never leaving my side. Amen.

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