Prayer for me to figure out how to get financing to save our home from foreclosure

by Bernadine (Allentown, PA USA)

My Dear Lord and Savior, I am 56 years old, and most of my life it’s been trials, tribulations and struggles. Here I go again. All this time I thought my husband was paying the mortgage, get a knock at the door, sherrif’s department, my house is in foreclosure. June 20,2012 that’s the day I will loose our home. All that is owed on the house is 28,000.00. Lord, I have no one to turn to but you. Mom and dad died on me, I have been in and out of the hospitals 20 different times in 25 years, even surviving breast cancer 2X. Dear Lord, they say you don’t give us more than we could handle, I don’t know Lord, I do not think I could handle anymore. Please, help me figure out what I could do, so my 4 children and my 6 grandchildren will believe in me and help me, to be even stronger. I love you with all my heart, but sometimes I doubt you love me back.