Prayer for me & my family future ahead

by Mary ()

Pray to break lack & shortage fincially. Struggling it’s herendienceme in my journey wt god in my home . Clear vision & hearing god . To receive the gift of praying privately wt god in Tongues . To be fincally be able to provide in a greater way wt my childreen . Im on Disability struggling to barely keep going wt bills, wt cost of keeping car going schooling teenagers . Lost my 3th child to suicide at 20yrs of age I found my son that morning in garadge his Man . Separated 12 yrs renting very high rent . Iv been through all on my way alone . But god was wt me in all my Devestion. I was nearly choked to d point of losing my own life lost concessions. I went into d dark could not speak etc likeness . I walked out wt my children wt nothing no money only social wkly money wt no help fincially or support wt young children . We were all broken defeated damaged by my partner kids angry warped by there Dad he turned 2 younger against me . I had to pick up all the broken shattered painfull damages bruised lifeless pieces in us all .I was mentaly verbual fisicualy sexual abused to a state of getting chronic depression cut off from people afraid to walk out not capable any more .Came out of all that some how on my own no medication no doc . But suffered chronic back pain ear throat headakes gained load of weight weary tierd all the time . God be the glory in all this . I need clear direction vision wisdom knowledge make me teachable to grasp the word of god & retain it I’m a baby Christian 2yrs .I want to be able to help people suffering in the pit mothers kids etc poor needy . I want to be in a place to do good give back to others help comfort support gv hope vision light simple message nugget of encouragement hug of garment &love . Things that were missing in my journey in the very dark time in the pit & was aware of what was really happening wt no real faith life was very very dim for me no one to explain or listen I TRUELY had to go through it alone wt much more eflection in only touching the surface here in my request for pray . Direction from god what he wants of me not what I want to god be the glory . it is well in the Lord . God will not mine . . I give all of me every thing over to d Lord home car children social our life’s fully to god HV his way in each one of us even my ex ALAN

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