Prayer for me for the restoration of marriage

by Heng (Malaysia)

I ask for God’s mercy to restore my marriage. My Catholic husband who has divorced me and remarried immediately after divorcing me that was 24 years ago. My husband has custody of my only child, a son. Now he has 3 children with the second wife.

I am still hold to the promise that God hate divorce, God says What God joins together, let no man pun asunder. I am still waiting for my husband to come back and stop the adulterous relationship, I do not want the lost soul of my one flesh cast into the lake of fire.

Please have mercy upon me God, may your grace restore this marriage and change his heart of stone to a heart of flesh, to come back to love me and reconcile with me, I promise to forgive him and lead him to the right path through Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank You God in the name of Lord Jesus Christ, restore my marriage. Amen.