Prayer for me and the man i love on 10 years

by Miss A (Italy)

Lord Jesus.. please help me im suffering my broken relationship in 10 years from alone ..very hurted sadness hopeless all of my works is effected this setuation.Lord Jesus ..please pray for me and the man i ilove so much in my life. He give up to our relationship because of our trouble and jelouse of our relationship and complecated.Lord Jesus please restore my uncomplecated relationship both of him. Lord please help to guide him to back to me Again .because i really love him so much.and i willing to care him all of my life.please for give me and him ..full inlove again ,be strong relationship to each other both of be come a happy relationship forever in my life. Lord .. you know him please touch the heart this man to realize how much importand our relationship .i know its your plan and trials in our life and how to be strong my relationship.please help me Lord .i wish he come back to me soon. I TRUST TO YOU LORD JESUS CHRIST..AND I BELIEVE MIRACLE. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU LORD.