Prayer for me and Steven get back together

by Annalie (London Ontario)

Lord Jesus, I adore you , I praise you .

. You are my life, my world and direction. I trust you in all my decision.
Please help me and my current relationship.. the person that is still on my heart and mind Steven R. that one day we well get back together.
Fill Steven with more love for me.
Let his heart, mind, body and soul focus only me and no one else. Help him to change his life into better if their is need to change to make our relationship stronger. Let there be no boundaries between us. Help us surmount all difficulties and trials. Protect Steven from all iniquities and temptation. Help him to realized how important i am to him.
Help him forgive each others fault and revived us to a new beginning.
I trust that you can change our relationship to much sweeter and much stronger love most particularly on his side.
That his heart and eyes will only focus on me .. look no one but me.. love no one but me.
This i ask on your most gracious name…
In Jesus name.. Amen.