Prayer for me and my husband

by Ams (India)

pray for me and my husband. lord please guide him to understand his wife for the lord after marriage has made laws for husband and wife to be with eachother till the end of life.

and not for any misunderstanding to leave her mid way .please pray for restore reunite save intervene reconclie my marriage please .save it let not the world try to break us apart.please guide my husband for he has been misguided my poeople with who he is arounded.teach him the meaniing , the value , the vows of the marriage .i love my husband a lot but help him to develop the feeling the responsiblities,the duties, rights the love and respect for the wife.

lord save my marriage from breaking .in jesus name i pray .amen

waiting for your urgent reply

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  1. Lord Please Bring My Husband Back Home!

    Me and My Husband has been married for 25 years and he just let the devil come into our marriage and i tried everything to keep our marriage together but he always made excuses for everything and i would get the blame for our marriage. I tell him he needs to look in the mirrow. It gets me that he knows the word and he knows what God wants him to do but he listens to the devil to much and i tell him . No matter what he is doing I forgave him I Love And Miss Him A Lot. I do believe that God is going to bring him back in the name of Jesus! God is in control of everything! I am asking everybody to help me pray for him! God Bless U! God Is Good! Thank U, Vicki Cuellar

  2. a prayer for you and your husband

    I am in the sme position and it takes time but be of strong heart be quick to forgive and move on and most of all be patient and know that God is in control and he sees and knows everything it is in His time that he will put things right not ours Have faith everything will be perfect xxx God’s blessing on you and your husband x

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