Prayer for me and my husband of 7 years

I AM writing to ask for prayer for me and my husband of 7 years. We been together for 10yrs but marry for 7 anyways, we have been praying for years to have a beautiful healthy baby of are own. But it seem like the more I prayer the more other family member around me get pregnant and it hurts so bad not cause I’m not happy for them it just because I feel so sorry for myself and my husband. GOD have Bless us to be foster parents, to many beautiful baby but they a member of my family so they don’t stay cause they was not our little Blessing.

Right now we have my niece, we had her since the day she came home she 8 months now but I fear of losing her to but I will always love her as my own. I been told by many people that GOD will Bless us with our own even by a prophet and friend they all keep telling us we going to have twins I hope and pray so it will be the first twins with in close family. It is some way down, down the line but I will be the first around here I do anything that’s right in GOD EYES TO SEE OUR DREAM COME TRUE to be mommy& daddy. SO PLEASE, PLEASES PRAY WITH US THAT GOD WILL ANWSER OUR PRAYER VERY SOON.THANK YOU ALL AND GOD BLESS. YES WE ARE CHRISTAN AND TRUE BELIEVERS OF JESUS CHRIST AND HIS MIRACLES WE KNOW GOD LOVE US BECUSE HE SHOW US EVERYDAY AND WE LOVE HIM TO!!!

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