Prayer for me and my family.

by Mary (China)

Almighty Father I humble myself before you this day asking you to remember me and my family.We are in a difficult situation and we really need you to intervene.Am in a foreign country now and I just ask you to provide a way for me to return back to my home country.God I came here to look for a way to help myself and family financially but even now nothing has happened.My prayer to you is please God do not let me go out of this place empty handed.Relieve me of my stress and worries and remember me in a mighty way.I am really in need of money God.Please cleanse me and do not cast me away from your prescence.You are worthy of praises and please as you bless others do not pass me by.I request you all to join me and pray for me.In Jesus name I beleive.Amen

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