prayer for me and my boyfriend.

by Brittany (Michigan)

In the name of jesus this prayer is for me and my man clarence. I pray that we can have an everlasting love, that we can have joy and peace, I pray that any and all evil that tries to come in between us be rebuked. I pray that you give us a clearer understanding with each other.

I pray that you enlighten his eyes to the truth around us. I pray that you help our finances grow. I pray that you bring our hearts and minds closer together. I pray that all negative energy be rebuked from us. I pray that his love for me grows stronger everyday. I pray that we never breakup or part.

I pray that all negative soulties be rebuked. I pray that you cover us in the blood of jesus. I pray that you be the center of our relationship. I pray that you guide us each and evetyday. I pray that you make him stronger, confident, knowledgeable.

I pray for your will to be done in ourlivesi the name of jesus Amen.