Prayer for me and my boyfriend that we may able to reconcile

by GB (India)

Dear Lord,

I ask thee to please pray for me and my bf that we may able to reconcile our Love for each other. We have been with each other for 6 years now and because his parents did not agree to us being together we have become apart and started to loose hope in the relationship we had.

I understand that he does not want to go against his parents but I also want to pray for them that they would understand the love we have for each other and get to know me first before they disagree on this… The difference in culture, language and place maybe the reason but i feel that wen it comes to Love all these things shouldn’t really matter cause at the end its the understand and the respect that we have for each other culture and family that matters most. I love him dearly and i just want him back in my life. I know that he loves me too but because of his parents wishes he had to leave me.

We had always talked about getting married to each other because we loved each other but right now we both are going through a rough time and i have already missed a lot about him for the past few months and I don’t want us to be apart anymore. He was the one person whom I always find comfort in in times of trouble and I always feel content at heart when I am with him. the love i have for him is something which I can never have for any other man.Please pray for us that we will be back together and that the love we have for each other will grow more and more each day.

I Love you Lord Jesus Christ and I put all my faith and trust in You for in you alone all my hope lies.