Prayer for me

by Lucy ()

Dear God, I come to you tonight with a grateful heart because im alive and well..and my family is healthy and protected as well. I know this is a new beginning for me with a new place and relocating to Brooklyn it’s kinda of scary I hope I made the right decision diosito…please take away my fears and doubts. I know you have placed me here for a reason and I’m following your lead. I trust you and I will not question it. Im not going to lie… you know what’s in my heart and everytime I think about it hurts, and I miss him with all my heart and soul.I missed his family and my family today too. My heart is in different places at once. Next to him as he sleeps and with my fam in Tampa too.I really hope i made the right choice. Thank you for making me stronger everyday that passes by I grow stronger but i would do anything for him still I wish he loved me the way i love him but he doesn’t just help me let him go..give him peace and love for the rest of his life i want him to be happy I promise that’s all i want. It hurts that we never had a child.All I wanted was a child to love that’s from Us but i trust in your timing and I’m keeping positive and wishing that when I find the right person we can have family…maybe if he had a change of heart my life would be complete I can go back to loving him and sleeping next to him but again its not up to me…i place my heart in your hands to heal. Please god help me accept things and not wonder or dwell. Help me move on from this pain and look forward to the present…full of love and acceptance…just hug him for me tell him that I love him that I miss him every night…protect him…also thank you for protecting my family and friends I desire nothing but love and happiness for everyone that’s suffering or hungry please feed the poor and heal the sick. Thank you for being so amazing with me. AMEN

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