Prayer for me

by Lucy ()

Dear Lord, I want to thank you for today for answering my prayers and giving me the apt that i need..its been so tough but you are so great to me and i feel so lucky to have you by my side. I know it won’t be easy to be on my own but i know i have you and my loving family and great friends that are there for me encouraging and supporting. I feel blessed from the bottom of my heart i will work hard to keep myself busy and get healthy and i really do hope to more organized with myself. I know he is back from his trip i miss him so much but i promise to keep my distance and let go of him completely. Im not sure what the future holds all i know its that he hurt me but i forgive him with all my heart and soul i want him to be happy and ok and if that means him being by himself i cant be upset i need to let it go and be on my own for a couple of months until im ready for a new journey or a new love. I still believe in love diosito i believe theres someone out there that will cherish me and love me but i need to heal and work on my emotions. I know thats whats right at this time.No matter what i will always love him from afar it doesn’t matter part of me will always be with him but i know you will help me pull through and give me strength and courage to understand whats happening.Give him a kiss from me tell im glad he got home safe and that i love him with my soul…keep my family safe and thank you for my mom getting strong everyday im so excited that we are going to be with her for her bday.I love you god and thank you again for this great news. Amen

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