Prayer for me

by Dee ()

First i need to know how to pray and how to pray effectively.
Secondly,I pray against fear and anxiety in my life. I pray for peace of mind, I pray against any negativity and anger in my life
I pray that I become a better mother,wife,sister,daughter,employer,employee,inlaw,friend and a better person. May Lord keep my from judging others,may I be confident in myself
I pray that God helps me to take charge and have a control over my finances. To help me to save and not to be a spend thrift.
Thirdly,I ask God to give me security for the job that I have,to give me courage to succeed in my career,to make me a good and inspiration leader. For my employers to have confidence and trust in me. I pray against any confusion at work especially from my boss. Help us to be well planned and achieve better goals. Prevent my boss from being too emotional and not to be so judgemental of us. To be a better leader and to help us learn from ke err p him from fighting us and help him lead effectively. To keep him from judging us based on our private lives. To help him trust and rely on our skills. May the lord help me to build my skills,get my ACCA papers. Help me to get back to school and pass the ACCA papers. To also help me to learn how to speak and communicate in french. To help grow me to be a successful leader, to make the right choices in investments. To give me financial strength to be able to take care of my family, to build an empire and to give me great business and investment ideas

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