Prayer for Matters of the Heart

by Joanne (Fontana, CA)

My prayer request: For God to please bless my marriage with his love and for my husband not to give up on our marriage. For God to unite as again as one and bring me back into his heart. That he may not stray with another woman or be attracted or tempted to go with another woman . I pray that she will have respect for our marriage and leave my husband alone…to allow us to be a happy family as God would have us be. For my husband to always keep me in his heart and thoughts no matter where he is. For our marriage and family to always be his priority. I pray that God will help my husband to realize the importance of our marriage and to hold on to our love. I pray that God will help my husband respect me as his wife and our marriage. For God to guide the pathway to a loving, happy,successful marriage….And most of all, for me to have a peace of mind and heart….In Jesus’s name, we pray that God will grant the intentions I hold dearly in my heart….Thank you Lord and praise the Lords….