Prayer for marriege

by Phethile (South Africa)

Father in the mighty name of Jesus

I pray for your mercy today. I’m a 28yrs old woman who has no stability in her life, and I believe in your everlasting love and power. I know I don’t do anything for you and that I don’t deserve your mercy.

I have tried my all to keep my relationship with the father of my kids but it was all in vain as he had no good intension at all. He mistreated me and abused me in a bad way and told me no one will be able to love me with the 2 kids and the burn scars he gave me.

Since then I only meet people who use me and take advantage of my love and kindness.

So God please bless me with a partner that will appreciate me for who I am. I want to raised my kids in a loving home with a father figure. This is a never ending pain in my life and I need help and deliverance. PLEASE hear my cry Lord.

In the name of the Father,the Son and the holy Spirit. Amen