Prayer for marriage, widows, and fatherless children

by Kay (Houston)

Heavenly Father,

I send this prayer for women who are hurting because the enemy is lurking and preying on their marriages. We bind all Jezebel spirits in the name of Jesus! Restore every broken home! Bring back peace that passeth all understanding and we surrender our marriages to your Kingdom.

Give us all strength and wisdom to know we are your children and No weapon formed against shall prosper! Remove all imaginations from our minds that exalt itself against us! We bind this attack on earth because we know this attack is not free in heaven. We loose peace , wisdom, and love back in our homes.
We count it as joy when we face adversity because we know when we put our trust in you the victory is ours!
Wives we must resist the devil and not give in to our flesh this war is not carnal but spiritual and our eyes cannot see or imagine the miracles God will perform in our marriages!
Lord , protect us widows from the oppressors. Give us peace, serenity, guidance and protection. You are El Jireh and El Shaddai so we know your provisions will surpass the unimaginable. We come with thanksgiving in our hearts knowing that you are omnipotent and all knowing. Your ways are not our ways and your thoughts are not our thoughts. The closure of our lost loved one is hard and hurtful but we know you are our Husband and our Father and you will comfort us. Help us to be Godly mothers and raise our children in Your ways. Send your Holy Spirit to shield us from those who try to take advantage of us during our grief. Thank you Lord for a better plan. That we do not see or understand.
Lord be a Father to our children whose earthly father is no longer present. Give them peace to know they are not alone. God you are perfect allow our children to feel your perfection in their lives and your plans for them are perfect. Bind all unruly and rebellious behavior because of fear. Bind all all fear of loneliness. Restore their hearts and minds with your gentle arms of shelter, always keeping them safe in your arms. We ask that You guide us to raise mighty children of God to know they are more than conquerors. And they can do all things through You.
Let us all be steadfast and unmovable in your word, always trusting you for everything in our lives. We thank you for consolation when our family and friends don’t know what to do or say! Keep us as your prized children, you said you would never leave us nor forsake us! You sent your son to die upon the cross and His blood has cleansing powers which gives us the authority to rebuke all enemy attacks. We say thank you for the blood it will never lose its power! to God be the Glory!