Prayer for marriage to come

by Helen ()

I am asking for a miracle for marriage with Jorge Planes of NJ. He has pulled away and I dont understand why

You know and I wish you would bring him back to me. Place me in his heart and on his mind everyday.

I have been waiting with a sad heart, many tears and a sinking feeling for weeks.

I have said to him I am ending it yet he keeps calling and texting me and now has seen me three times in the past two weeks after staying away for five weeks.

I am so confused. I wait for you today to show me a sign that this man is coming around and I will hear it when he calls me this morning with joy in his voice.

I am ready to walk away not what I want to do

Put me in his heart and on his mind everyday.

I just want a man to love and for him to love me and a marriage to come of it with him now.

After all my loses of family members and stage III cancer may I request this that my heart which is so attached to Jorge be granted the same feelings from him now today and we grow our love together.

I wait today for a sign from you if he doesn’t call and he forgets me then I will take that as your way of saying move on from him. I only ask that you hold my hand and help me with the pain of another loss in my life and somehow the tears and sick feeling go away.

Thank you for hearing my prayer I hope I am worthy of this request and you bring him back to me today

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