prayer for marriage restoration

by Allison (Longview, Tx, Usa)

My husband (Brian) & marriage are under attack. He has filed & is living in sin. Despite everything I’m praying for restoration & for the enemy to release him & our marriage. I pray God stays in front on him, gets him on the right path and Brian will accept the hand that Jesus is offering him.

There is no contact between us & I pray he comes to me for reconciliation and that he humbles himself before the Lord. I pray Godly people cross his path & that he realizes the grass isn’t greener on the other side & that what he’s searching for is what he’s throwing away.

I pray a wedge between anyone or anything coming between my husband and I. I pray the bitterness, anger and blame he has for me can be turned around and that he can see the truth. I have recently been saved and attend church regularly and believe Prayers work & the numbers praying helps.

I welcome prayers anyone has to offer to help fight this spiritual battle. God Bless!

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