prayer for marriage restoration

by Fatima (USA)

I seek prayer, my husband was weak, strayed and got another woman pregnant, he has asked I forgive him and is so sorry, I cannot have children, he knew this when he married me, now he wants kids, but he wants me too, he says he does not care or love this other woman, i need guidance, i prayed she miscarry I don’t want her to have any contact with him, to restore our marriage i need him to focus on us.

I pray she finds another man to love and be happy, just not my husband. I pray God opens his eyes to see what he did was very wrong, I can forgive but I forbid him from talking to her ever again. I know its sinful to pray she miscarries, am angry, and hurt, I feel hate, lied too, deceived.

I want and I love my husband and I know we can get pass this, I need God to guide us and direct us as one in flesh, I seek prayer for my husband to think clearly and truly understand what he did is unacceptable, I need him to fix it by making it up to me and together we can adopt a child but not like this, its wrong.

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