Prayer for Marriage Restoration

Heavenly father I ask with an open heart and with my whole soul and everything that I am that you please heal and restore my marriage as well as my spouse. That the reason that you have torn us apart is to become better spouses to each other and to return to you heavenly father.

Eventhough my spouse has different plans and thoughts regarding our marriage you are the only one God that can lead his heart like a watercourse wherever you please. I pray with faith and with confident trust that you can heal and restore and that you are protecting us from evil.

May anyone who is incensed against us and the sanctity of our marriage be as nothing, that anyone who contends with my spouse or speaks against our reconciliation is as nothing as a non existant thing. May what you joined together no one seperate, and may our reconciliation be your vindication for us.

Heal all that is broken and may my spouse leave everything in the past so we can move forward in the marriage covenant you designed for us and were a witness to on October 6, 2007. Please return my husband to our home and re-establish our home so it will continue before you forever.

I pray this in the most precious and powerful name of Jesus Christ. Amen, Amen, Amen!

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