Prayer for Marriage Restoration

by Tina (Marietta, GA.)

Please dear lord in heaven help me to help my husband fall back in love with me. Help him to understand that our love is not broken and that we can fix this with Gods help. Help me to bring Marc closer to the faith in the lord and faith in our marriage. I love him lord and will supplicate myself to your will on how I can help make this marriage work and grow back into what you want. Please lord drive all people and thing out of Marc’s heart that are trying to pull us apart. Please let Marc know that I forgive him his sins against me as you forgive him when he prayers for it. I ask that he forgive any sins I have committed against him. I ask you lord to please restore our marriage to one of kindness, love, faithfulness and harmony. Please lord show me the way to bring my life back to your light. I love you lord and I want to be a representation of you on this earth. Please help me to bring the right kind of love back into my husbands heart. I ask this in your heavenly name. Amen

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