Prayer for Marriage Restoration From My Wifes Affair

by KS (Alabama)

Please pray for my wife and I to heal and restore our Love and marriage and keep our family together. She started the affair in April 2011 and told me in March 2012 as we were moving to a new state where he was transferred with his company. She also took a job in the same place in which we also moved to before I realized what was happening. She had agreed with me to try and save our marriage, and told me she would stop seeing him, I found out 2 weeks ago that she started seeing him 3 weeks after she made that promise. He is also married and has 2 children, we have 3, and his wife is also aware of everything. She said that they meet once a week to talk and counsel each other on their marriages, I love my wife so much that I accepted the situation because that was the only way she would work on our marriage, and he told his wife the same thing.Please pray our marriage will survive this and the affair ends or has ended and we keep our love and family together. This is tearing my family apart and my wife and I are both seeing a physchiarist for depression,anxiety,and panic disorder.