prayer for marriage, relationship, communication and restoration

Please pray for my marriage, for me and my husband feelings restoration to stay together, to love each other, to pray together, close to the lord always everywhere around, to be faithful everyday, kind, sweet, nice, loving, generous, nice, and to give love and kindness and keep the Lord to my husband daughters from his previous marriage, and to restore our loving feelings we have for each other of how when we first met 10 years ago, please say a prayer to reconnect and live with each other again, I havent seen him since Nov, 2010 and we are in June 1st, 2011. I miss him dearly so much, I want to live together and work together daily, currently at my parents home because of past health problems, but now I am recovered I just feel really sad and lonely without him he is like my other half,and waiting for a miracle from God, if you can send me some prayers that I can pray to put me and my husband back together and to restore our talking communication and keep healthy clean happy thoughts everyday to be around positive environments, and only christian good people to cross our pathway and that we are in the same page in our path of life.