Prayer for Marriage reconciliation in tough times

by JMA (Houston)

Dear Almighty God,

You have blessed me with a loving and caring wife, a woman who has always made sacrifices and has been with me through good and very bad times.
Today our marriage faces a crossroads as I feel that I have betrayed her and allowed my selfishness, my arrogance and my lack of recognizing my limitations to cause feelings of terrible bitterness towards me.

I have sinned by arrogance and omission by refusing to accept Your will. She is a wonderful woman and I truly believe I’m a loving husband. I ask with all the humility in my heart for Your guidance, both in my actions to accept your path and regain her Love.

Please, Lord, through Your grace, touch her heart so she is able again to see in me the man she once loved and that she may continue to love me. I also pray for your guidance for me to work everyday to prove myself and thank her for helping me be a better man.

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