Prayer for marriage reconciliation, Dear Lord

by Muymuy ()

Dear God,

I thank You for this opportunity to be near You. The troubles in my marriage is overwhelming. I know the best solution is to recognize what I feel but lift them up to You, so You can work Your wonders in my marriage.

Please heal us individually so we can be whole and restore our marriage. Please make us long just for each other and not any other thing, person or circumstance. Please do not let any thing, person or circumstance separate us physically, spiritually, emotionally.

Please keep us faithful and loving in this marriage. Please restore our relationship with each other, the indifference is too much and is already harming us. Please lead the way so we can stop being in a Long Distance Relationship. I wish to be with my husband, build a home wherever You will us to be.

Lord, please turn the page. Your will be done. Please bless me with strength as I endure this pain. I will be strong for this marriage, please be with Me.

Please touch my husband’s heart, let the Holy Spirit come to him and remind him of us. If he forgets, please remind him, and use the people and things around him to remind him of our marriage.

I long for my husband, Lord. Please heal our marriage and our relationship. Please lead me to Doha for his birthday.

I ask this oh God, in Jesus’ name and with Mama Mary’s loving intercession, Amen!

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