Prayer for marriage & peace

by Yvonne (Croatia)

St Joseph, you are the patron of the parish where I belong and the father of the beloved Jesus…

God knows I have picked wrong paths in acquiring things I desperately wanted and I wasn’t strong enough to wait for God’s plan with me. I desperately wanted to be loved.

I met a man who I truly love and things went smoothly until I started calling astrology advisers that adviced me on our relationship and eventhough they would pick up some things, altogether our situation went for the worse. Since then I have been thriving in God’s love, and I found the way to God through various communities in my country, yet I am still waiting for this man to be released from his problems from the past relationship and I have been patient and I surrendered my life to God but yet I have been very curious and I keep searching for the things about him or his ex in order to see if she would leave him alone soon and then I find things that upset me and then I make sins again.

I keep spinning around, now when I found the greatest comfort in God, devil tempts me more than ever. Please pray for me to resist every temptation by devil, please pray for peace in my soul and please ask God if He can supply me with patience so I can wait peacefully for this man I love and with whom I found greatest connection than ever before.

Plase pray for God to open our hearts and release us from all the obstacles. Let God open once again his heart for me and let me show my man I would never hurt him and be a good wife for himso that he can recognize it and love me without fear.
Please pray for the marriage between me and Ivan, for our future child and for me to get a job who would satisfy me soon….keep my health good as until now.

Thank you in advance very much!!!!

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