Prayer for marriage of 25yrs to be saved, in Jesus name Amen!!

It has been almost 2months and no resolution to our marriage. Moved to separate bedroom across from our teenage son. I am in Christian co-dependency recovery and bible study. It feels like forever and now I am torn on is this the right choice to save this marriage or move on with my life in peace and find happiness in my own world of friends and family. But my holy spirit inside of me is saying to hold on and my mother in laws dying wish is for me to keep praying and hold on. So I am asking all prayer warriors to help me fight the evil web my marriage is in and pray any one else going through trials in there marriage to hold strong and always have God in your lives even if your significant other does not want to seek help. In your glory we lift our hearts to you and praise you for forgiveness of our sins, in Jesus name AMEN!!!

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