Prayer for Marriage, love and life healing

Please, pray for my husband and the life turmoils he has been going through. We filled for divorce a couple months ago, but I love him more than he could ever known. I want a second chance for a healthy, loving and fulfilling life together. I want to ask for prayers that he may find peace on his heart for his family relatives who caused hurt on his life.

He was emotionally abused by his family. Please, pray that he may find forgiveness for any hurt I caused in his life. I want a chance to start over and to have God’s blessings. I made many mistakes and I have asked God for His forgiveness. Praying is my only hope that our lives and our love for each other will be fully restored.

We moved to another city and I left my job and my business to start a new life with him, but that wasn’t still enough. I now moved to another state, living with my parents and unemployed and far from him. I need God’s power to intervene in both of our lives.

I want to ask for prayers that his faith in God may be restored and he may see and feel God’s love in his life again. Please, pray that we may be happy together again and restore our love and relationship and be happy and stronger than ever. I love him with all my heart and I don’t want to loose him! Please, pray for our love and relationship to be completely restored. He is my everything! Thank you so much for our prayers!