Prayer for Marriage and Relationship to work out

by Anna (South Africa)

Dear God I pray that the only man that I would like to get married to is my boyfriend Bobo,I love him and I would want him to be the father of my kids, and I would like to raise a family with him,

I don’t care what people may say about him,his reputation,help me to love him unconditionally,help him to respect him be a better person,change for the good man that he is,He compliments me,i love him with all of my heart,i wouldn’t mind to wake up next to him,to the smell of his scent,his warm hands,i am praying from my heart not only with my flesh but I have a strong feeling that we are connected somehow,

God I have never asked for something so much unless if it meant a lot to me,I know he will come back for me,i love him so much it hurts,i believe in my heart he will be a better person when he gets outta there.

I have longed to be with him since the time we spoke and I love him,he’s not a bad man at all,nobody’s perfect,and I will never judge him about his past,

I ask all this to come to pass in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,’Amen

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