Prayer for Marriage and Family

by Annonymous (Usa)

Dear God, thanx for the miracles You have done in my life. Please keep my uncle s and d healthy, blessed, happy and grant them long lives. Please help my favorite professor Dr. P get his job back.

I am approaching 36 years of age and have no marriage prospect at this time. Throughout the years, I have focused on remaining pure and focused on Your Will. Over the last few years,my heart has developed a strong yearning to be married and have a family.

I pray if it’s Your will to please orchestrate the events that will lead me to a godly, wise, diligent, wonderful husband and eventually enable me to become pregnant and raise healthy, good children that love You. Please give me more patience and faith.

If it’s not your Will for me to get married and have children, I pray you stop my strong desire for this. Also please help me find Your desired career path and home for me. Amen and lipove

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