Prayer for marriage and family restoration

by Asia (Cleveland,Ohio)

Dear heavenly Father, Father of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Lord I bring my broken marriage and family and place it before Your throne. Lord, your word says that you hate divorce, and what you have put together, no man should break apart. Lord I am praying that you restore my marriage and my family.

Lord I know that you work miracles. I have faith in Your power to make all dead situations live again, as you have rose Lazarus from the dead. I am asking for a resurrection for my family. Lord,I no longer want Satan to get any more victories in our lives. I rebuke the enemies tactics and schemes in the name of Jesus. Lord use us to fulfill your will in the kingdom, allow us to give You glory through our marriage and our family. I am thanking you in advance as I am believing that it is already done. Despite what the situation looks like, I know that in your time things will turn around.

I ask these things in your some Jesus’ name. Amen.

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