Prayer for Marital Healing

by Tristan (California)

Father God, we ask for strength, love, grace, mercy, patience and healing to be restored in our marriage. We are struggling, issues of the past are creeping up and seeping into our daily lives. Trust has been broken, anger has been displayed, fear is now prevalent and this is not how you want us to live our lives God, I know that….

pride and stubbornness are reigning and hurtful words have been lashed out causing much damage to what foundation we had started to recover. I cannot change my husband but I can pray for a filter of calm and grace to cover his tongue, to help him to think before he speaks, to take pause before making impulsive decisions that affect our lives much longer than that moment.

I can only work on my God and I know you are doing a wondrous work in my heart and my mind but I ask for patience as we tread through this because my mind is growing weary of the process and the anger, the hurtful words that cut like a knife are causing me to step back and put walls up. This only leads to more time lost being hurt, angry and shut down from each other.

I miss my best friend. I want to remember why I fell in love with him in the first place and I need reminders please….