Prayer for Managers to hire me after Interview

by Mr. I (Los Angles, California)


I know we don’t speak very often. I know that I speak each and every day at some point to you for guidance & strength.

After losing my job of 3 years I now am in a position where I’ve interviewed for my dream job.

I feel like it couldnt have gone any better. I pray through your guidance and will that I’m able to secure this particular position.

Which will open up the doors to a better career, life and ability to help not only my friends, family and close one’s but others less fortunate.

Thank you for the oppertunity and as the next few days pass and I await word from whether or not I’ve secured this position I will walk down the pitch black tunnel of darkness with no matches, no fire and nothing to be able to see what is in front of me.

Only you, only your light within me to have faith.