Prayer for Making My Life an Example of Goodness, Love and Prosperity

by Natalie (Colorado)

Father I know my list is long, but I declare to be your child and ask you take control of my life. Forgive me for the times I did not honor you, understand your directions or follow your plan. Luke 11:10 I am asking for a restoration of my friendships that have been damaged by my sins and faults.

I am asking for my due season, financial breakthrough that will cover all the things I have written, placed in my bible and consume my thoughts. I am asking that I can live without stress, worry, depression and anxiety. I am asking for a life lived with stability, peace and joy.

Father I was born into a terrible family yet since I was a toddler I have followed you on my own. The abuse, molestation and neglect left me broken and at 42 years of age I have yet to live a day of my life. I am asking that I can live the life I have dreamed of. I am asking you do not put any more dreams in my head that only turn into disappointment.

I am asking that my life can be an example of goodness, love and prosperity. I am asking that the chains are broken and I am not held a prisoner of poverty, depression and desperation anymore. In Jesus Name I Ask and Pray these things Amen.

God Bless all those who stand in agreement of this prayer with me.

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