Prayer for making a better life

I pray to the lord to help us as we very selfishly try to sell our current home. Our home is beautiful and provides us with all that we need. However, our time there is done and we wish to move our family back to the east coast to be closer to our family and roots.

Lord you have blessed us in everyway and we thank you for all that we have. Now we wish to emerse our childern is a culture that is rich and humbling. We ask lord for you and your angels and saints to be with us on this journey and any blessing from your servent Saint Joseph to assist us in selling our home. Saint Joseph, a faithful carpenter who loved Jesus as his own, please in this time be with those who wish to call our house their home. We pray to you o lord that when the time is right the right people will fall in love with our house and buy it. We just hope it is sooner then later.